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About Us

Trainual is a team of 80+ super-talented folks obsessed with making small business easier. And while our team members come with diverse experiences, we’re united by our passion for making ideas happen. We launched the world’s first playbook tool in 2018, and today, thousands of companies in nearly every industry use it to scale their teams. 

Why Trainual? 

We’re a great place to work. AZCentral named Trainual the #1 place to work in Arizona. And Inc recognized us on their 2021 and 2022 Best Workplaces list. But we can’t say we blame them. We’re a hybrid team with an unwavering culture that recognizes everyone’s impact matters. 

We’ve got benefits on benefits. Above market pay, an annual experience fund, 4 weeks paid vacation (plus 5 sick days), the latest tech, parental leave, 401k matching, free One Medical subscription, and top-notch health care - just to name a few.

We’re disrupting the SMB industry. Our goal is to equip every team with a winning playbook. One that provides clarity around who does what and how. And with 7k small businesses scaling what they do with Trainual, we’re only scratching the surface. 

We’re in good company. In June 2021, we closed a $27M Series B round. And we partner with some of the biggest names in small business, including Shark Tank star Daymond John, Slack, Loom, the cast of The Office, and more. 

We all own what we’re building. Everyone who works at Trainual has life-changing pre-IPO equity. That way, you can be proud of what we’re building and sleep well knowing your teammates are (literally) just as invested as you are.


Trainual is looking for a scrappy & dynamic Growth Product Manager to propel our customer journey & business results around our product-led growth funnel. You’ll be experimenting and partnering cross-functionally to elevate growth levers such as acquisition, revenue, activation, retention, customer referrals, and more. This role requires growth experience and a track record of applying core product management principles throughout your career.

So, who are you? You’re a proven Growth Product Manager with a track record of helping companies crush their PLG KPIs. You strike the perfect balance between creative & technical - seeing opportunities in every challenge and rolling up your sleeves to figure them out. You’re as obsessed with the user experience as you are with internal business growth - both of which you will go to no end to improve and perfect. You aren’t afraid to lace up your running shoes and move FAST, all while knowing the proof is in the details and flawless execution is key. Communication is your biggest strength and you are confident, clear, and savvy when working with any stakeholder.

What you'll own & improve:

  • Effectively running experiments. It’s all about testing and learning. This role has ownership over AB testing from setup, running multiple experiments at a time, effectively measuring each, and you know how to learn from each success and more importantly, failure. 
  • Maximizing revenue. As implied by the title, this role will determine which customer levers lead to our business metrics and revenue growth. 
  • Project managing growth initiatives. Organization and setting structure is the name of the game as a Product Manager at Trainual. As ideas, initiatives, and tests come to fruition, you’ll be managing the timeline, communications, stakeholder expectations, and final evaluations of those projects.
  • Understand user needs. We don’t just build stuff for fun. Our product impacts the way our customers do business. You’re empathetic and will understand their experience inside and out to help us move the needle on initiatives that they will actually use. (and fall in love with)

What you already know:

  • The ins and outs of B2B SaaS growth. We know each company is a ‘lil different, but you’ve been around the block and know the core indicators of success and how our product helps us get there. ARPA? ARPU? But what does it all mean!? You know. And you have a track record doing it.
  • Testing frameworks & best practices. In case the previous chunks didn’t emphasize this enough, this is an experimental role. You know how to test, measure, and pivot important functionality. 
  • How to rally and manage stakeholders. You’ll be working very collaboratively with stakeholders from different departments and titles. We are all one team and you feel comfortable and confident all managing expectations and communications.

How success is measured:

  • Effectively running experimentation: This isn’t about how many successful experiments you run but more about how you are able to effectively run an experiment. You will understand how to run the experiment, what is most important to track, know how long it needs to be run, and how you effectively analyze the data to create clear next steps. 
  • Champion the problem: It all starts with a clear problem that we need to solve. Understanding how to craft a clear problem statement and get all stakeholders bought in will be critical to your success as the Growth Product Manager. 
  • Initiative goals: You’ll have a firm grasp on key business metrics. Showing how you are impacting the following metrics - ARPA, Interested Trialers, Activated Trialers, Trial Conversion Rate, Time to value (TTV), and MRR/Logo Churn. 
  • Hit deadlines: Part of your job is to deliver what you and the team commit to. Clearly outline your game plan and hit your mark.

About the team

This role will sit on our Product Team and report to our incredible Director of Product, Taylor Sell. If you haven’t gathered by the entire job description, this role is very cross-functional! You’ll be partnering closely with our engineers, designers, Growth Marketing, and members of our leadership team, in particular, our CMO Jonathan Ronzio.


The salary range for this role ranges from $105-155k and is dependent on relevant growth product management experience and performance in the technical interview project.

Our Benefits

Competitive salary: We pay at or above market salary in most cases and leverage extensive amounts of data to ensure everyone is paid well. 

Health insurance: We cover 100% of the employee premiums and significantly subsidize family plans. We use

Justworks to make benefits easy. We offer additional healthcare resources like RedirectHealthOneMedical, FSA, and HSA. Plus all HSA-compatible plans are met with a company HSA match of up to $1,000 a year. 

Dental & vision: We offer subsidized dental and vision coverage. 

Short-term Disability Insurance & Life Insurance: We cover 100% of the premiums for Short Term Disability Insurance and 1x salary Life Insurance. You also have the option to purchase supplementary disability and life insurance through our provider.

Paid time off: 4 weeks of paid vacation. 5 days of paid sick time. 12 paid holidays.

Paid parental leave, including adoption: 8 weeks of fully paid time off.

401k with a 3% matching through Guideline 401(k)

Experience stipend: Up to $500 per year to experience something new - whether that’s a new ice cream flavor or a new country.

Great tools: Each employee receives a Mac laptop and a 27'' display (or equivalent). We’ll also purchase any of the software or hardware you need.

Complete transparency: Everyone has full access to business metrics and financial information about the company.

Our Values

Show Up Ready: Plan enough to pull it off, and pivot if needed. For our customers and our co-workers, we embody preparation and order. We work from an agenda. We start and end meetings on time. We put in the effort to polish what we present, all in an effort to build trust with those around us. When a company hires Trainual, they expect an experience that feels simple. The appearance of simplicity requires tremendous planning and preparation, so this characteristic has to be a core trait of everyone that works here.

Make Ideas Happen: Execute on what you innovate. We don’t just tolerate change, and go along for the ride; we drive change. Companies are like cruise ships, and turning them can take some time. But turning the wheel happens in just a few seconds. It’s the decision to redirect, and to make something different. It’s the vantage point at the front of the boat where you can see where you’re heading, before anyone else knows. We are the ones to initiate this change. It’s up to us to have the vision, to always look forward, and to spot obstacles and opportunities before they become issues.

Carry the Groceries: Carry extra weight without being asked. Go above and beyond whenever you sense a need. Look for opportunities to impress, and be ready to roll your sleeves up to make someone else’s life a little easier. It’s what we do. "Before starting my first business, I bagged groceries at a supermarket in Massachusetts. No one ever expected me to carry the groceries to the car, but when I did, it made their day. It’s such a simple thing, and took only an extra minute of my time, but it made a tremendous difference in that customer’s experience at the store. At Trainual, be helpful everywhere possible." - Chris Ronzio, CEO

No Red Tape: Work hard to make every process easy. There is nothing more frustrating than a bureaucratic process, and you won’t find one here. Never make customers or coworkers jump through hoops. Don’t let policy supersede logic. You’ll never go wrong making things easier on others, so challenge every system that could have fewer steps, more automation, and less complexity.

Collect Experiences: Have endless curiosity for a new perspective and knowledge. We work with people in all different industries, from all different walks of life. In order to build trust, understand the real picture, and help create change, we need to build real relationships. Listen to others, and relate to them. Be an experience collector, so that you have an endless supply of topics that can be used to find common ground.

Everyone has a Key: In results we trust. You'll notice from your first day that every employee at Trainual literally has a key to the office. We trust you, or we wouldn't have hired you. Some people say trust is earned, but we believe that trust is the default. Everyone carries their weight, and everyone is an owner of what we are building. We won't tell you exactly how to get the job done -- you won't find micromanagement here. So, remember that your productivity is measured by your impact and your effort.

Hybrid Work at Trainual

At Trainual, we believe everyone has a key, literally. This value means you are an owner of your experience, productivity, and growth. We know everyone is different - productive at different times of day, in different settings, with different types of work. So what does this mean for the future of work at Trainual?

TL;DR - Work when, where, and how you work best. 

- No one is required to come back to the office, ever.

- Anyone can work from the office at any time.

- If you live in Phoenix, there is no requirement of days worked in the office. 

- You can work with your leader to find a schedule that works for you and the team.

- If you want to relocate to PHX, we will help make that happen! We want everyone to have a community, trusted relationships, easy collaboration, and a clear path for growth while maintaining the autonomy, ownership, and flexibility we've enjoyed with the transition to fully remote during the pandemic. As we transition to our hybrid work model, we want each team member to own their experience to ensure they are happy and fulfilled.

Location: 80% of our team is based out of Phoenix, AZ and our preference for new team members is local due to the ease of ad hoc collaboration and community building. However, we know great talent lives all over! If you don't live in Arizona and are interested in working at Trainual, we will consider each state on a case-by-case basis due to the implications of doing business in each state.

Visa Sponsorship: We welcome and support people of all different backgrounds (18% of our team was either born or raised outside of the US)! However, due to the constraints of being a small startup, we are not able to sponsor or take over sponsorship of employment Visas at this time. Check out our blog with more details here:


I’m getting the feeling that you’re ready to click that apply button. So just do it. Join us in building the turnkey operations manual and playbook solution for companies all over the world! We know you want to.

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