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About Tango

Create beautiful how-to guides with perfectly cropped screenshots, in seconds.

Teaching people how to use software is… not fun.

❌ Documenting a single process takes hours

❌ Screenshot and video editing tools require special skills

❌ PDFs and videos are outdated almost immediately

We knew there had to be a better way to document processes for people to teach—and learn—how to get work done. So we built it.

Tango makes documentation easy, fast, and fun by automatically generating how-to guides while you work. Just walk through any process as you normally would, and Tango automatically turns those steps into a beautiful how-to guide that you can share with others to show how it’s done.

By taking the pain out of documentation, Tango enables everyone on your team to teach, learn, and do their best work. 💃🏻


🪄 Capture processes on any website, SaaS app, or desktop software

📸 Get perfectly cropped screenshots with Auto Zoom

🎨 Customize guides with your logo, colors, annotations, and freehand drawing

✏️ Update individual steps and screenshots—without redoing your whole process

🚫 Protect sensitive information with Live Blur

🔗 Easy link sharing

🌐 Sync to multiple knowledge bases with one click

📄 Export Workflows as PDFs, HTML, or Markdown

📈 Get notified about how many views your guides get

🔐 SOC 2 compliant, a gold standard of security and data protection


🟠 Playbooks

🟠 How-to guides

🟠 New hire onboarding

🟠 Process documentation

🟠 Knowledge management

🟠 Software training tutorials

🟠 Standard operating procedures (SOPs)


“I literally finished 25 how-to guides with Tango in the time it used to take me to do one.” –Alicia Stormer, Tax Manager

“My team was blown away by how many how-to guides I made in one week. Tango is my superpower. 😍 ” –Bri Johnson, Marketing Operations

Los Angeles, California, United States