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About Front

Many businesses rely on customer relationships as a differentiator. For them, almost every customer conversation can make or break the relationship — the stakes are that high. But the bigger these businesses get, the harder it is to prevent relationships from turning into transactions. Information gets distributed ever further among people, systems, and tools. Team members end up spending more time seeking information than they spend actually communicating with customers. Eventually, businesses face a choice: Greater operational efficiency or strong customer relationships? With Front, they don’t have to choose. Front is a communication hub for building strong customer relationships. Front puts customer conversations at the center of a team’s attention and surrounds them with collaboration capabilities and contextual data from multiple systems. With everything in a single place, efficiency isn’t impeded by complex processes or disconnected systems. This ensures customer communications are always timely, accurate, and deeply personal, and keeps team members focused on what technology can never replace: building strong customer relationships.

San Francisco, California, United States