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About Deepnote

We are explorers

We started Deepnote to help data teams solve the most difficult problems. To do that, we don’t just need better algorithms, bigger datasets and more computing power. We need powerful tools that inspire us to explore, reason and collaborate. These tools do not exist yet. We need to invent them first.

Data science is as much a scientific and creative process as it is an engineering one. It involves working together, failing, learning and going back to the drawing board. Data scientists are explorers. To make data projects successful, we need tools that are both powerful and easy to use. Tools that help us collaborate and share our work in an engaging way. Tools that make data science fun again.

At Deepnote, we’re building a new standard in data tooling — a notebook that brings teams together to explore, analyze and present data from start to finish.

We are building tools for explorers. Join us.

San Francisco, California, United States